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Cloud Migration Services

Vithi assists our clients in constructing secure, repeatable, and scalable cloud environments on their chosen cloud provider. Many of our customers initiate the process with a comprehensive managed IT Portfolio Discovery, covering infrastructure and applications. This discovery phase involves detailed dependency mapping, facilitating migration sequencing and the identification of wave groups. We are also adept at containerizing workloads and executing platform-scale transformations on RHEL, AIX, Windows, and Databases.

If you are poised to embark on your application cloud migration journey, we offer seamless guidance and a roadmap to ensure a smooth process. Our Cloud migration services are designed to employ the most effective approaches, supporting you throughout every stage of migration, from the initial phase to the conclusion, ensuring an uninterrupted transition.

Our cloud migration solutions empower your organization to reduce physical resource requirements and expenditures while boosting productivity. Backed by proven methodologies, our services are tailored to help you craft suitable solutions aligned with your business needs.

Regardless of whether your application currently operates on-premise or in the cloud, new challenges inevitably arise. We stand ready to assist you throughout your cloud journey, addressing these challenges through personalized consulting services and solutions. Our seasoned consultants are dedicated to helping you cut operational costs, foster innovation, and strategically achieve your business objectives. Our Cloud migration consulting involves a well-formulated assessment, strategy, and process to guide you effectively.

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Vithi has an excellent track record of managing, Designing, Implementing & Deploying numerous projects which are mission critical to our customers focused mainly on on-time delivery with quality driven by SMEs across technologies


We offer innovative and creative thinking, delivering “real” cost effective solutions to our customers


Quality is the key that enables us to provide exceptional services to our customers which contributes to increasing the customer base

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Building trusted, long-term partnerships with our customers by blending with your culture.

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Applying industry best practices and Frameworks to manage risk, deliver services & optimize costs.

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Helping our clients to transform their business needs through innovation and Digital Transformation.

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Continuous training and managing the best teams by employing & nurturing our resources


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