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VITHIIT’s approach for Oracle Cloud ERP helps organizations choose their best cloudification journeys based on their size and landscape complexity. VITHIIT powers its wide-ranging industry and domain expertise to provide customers with proper consulting and implementation services. VITHIIT has completed over 100+ projects in Oracle Cloud, and is skilled in using the product’s latest technological and functional features to help customers achieve maximum ROI. VITHIIT’s Oracle Cloud offerings supply the workable edge to achieve a 30-40% reduction in manual efforts by intelligent automation and up to 50% reduction in administrative efforts because of Oracle’s Cloud ERP application.

VITHIIT has already developed tools and accelerators helping clients speed up each phase of implementation thereby providing faster go live.

Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation

Most organizations are moving their on-premises Enterprise Resource Applications (ERP) to modern Cloud solutions. There are various compelling reasons for this paradigm shift – cost savings on their applications portfolios, cutting the organizational risk of technical outdatedness, quickly expanding into new regions, accelerating growth and innovation while improving operational agility, resiliency, and efficiency.

Oracle ERP Cloud is among one of the most popular ERP systems in the cloud space. Whether taking a single function such as budgeting or moving all your ERP applications to the Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud ERP implementations require thorough planning with experienced partners. When planning an Oracle ERP Cloud implementation, choosing the right partner is critical for the Oracle ERP cloud implementation journey. Partners with successful implementation records increase your chances of a successful project.

Right Partner for your Oracle ERP implementation

The partner evaluation and selection depend on your business goals, project scope, the team’s current skills, and your overall business vision. You could face challenges and disruption without the right partner, whereas, the right partner will make your Oracle Cloud ERP journey smoother and more manageable.

VITHI IT offers complete Oracle Cloud ERP services, which include the entire life cycle – Planning, Designing, Implementation, Deployment, Support, and Upgrade services. These services help customers embrace Oracle ERP Cloud solutions readily, quickly, and effectively by understanding their business goals and solving them with broader technology and industry skills while implementing the Oracle ERP Cloud solution. We have completed multiple Oracle Cloud implementations across HCM, ERP and SCM.

Our Specializations


Proven ERP implementation success record and deep industry domain expertise


ERP Cloud implementation specialization


Vithi provides consulting services and understand the costs, timelines, and business outcomes of your Oracle cloud ERP project


Culturally fit with your internal project team.


Experience in adopting new cloud technologies and innovation faster


Supply comprehensive customer support and training post implementation

Why choose us

Vithi has an excellent track record of managing, Designing, Implementing & Deploying numerous projects which are mission critical to our customers focused mainly on on-time delivery with quality driven by SMEs across technologies


We offer innovative and creative thinking, delivering “real” cost effective solutions to our customers


Quality is the key that enables us to provide exceptional services to our customers which contributes to increasing the customer base

Long-Term Partnerships

Building trusted, long-term partnerships with our customers by blending with your culture.

Industry Best Practices

Applying industry best practices and Frameworks to manage risk, deliver services & optimize costs.

Digital Transformation

Helping our clients to transform their business needs through innovation and Digital Transformation.

Continuous Training

Continuous training and managing the best teams by employing & nurturing our resources


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